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Most companies offer a 1-year guarantee on the trees they plant.  We guarantee the health & beauty of our trees for life, barring any physical damage, because we start with the best specimens and plant them correctly.

Planting a tree that will grow and stay healthy isn’t nearly as simple as putting it in the ground and watering.  From selecting the best specimen at the nursery to digging the hole properly to the watering plan, there are important details in the planting process that a homeowner or landscaper may overlook.  If this happens, the tree may struggle along for several years looking sickly, not gaining size, before it finally gives up and you start the process over again.  This wastes your time and your money.

Our tree planting process includes tree sourcing, hand-selection, delivery, planting, soil amendments, mulch, watering bag & initial health & maintenance pruning.

Trees live for generations, so it is important to choose the right trees for your landscape and give them the best start.

Species Selection

Here are some of the factors we consider in helping you select the right species:

Purpose – Ornamental, screening, shading, wildlife attraction, or framing a landscape, house or building.

Aesthetic Preferences – Shape, mature size, evergreen or deciduous, single or multiple trunks, blooms or leaf color, bark texture, fall color.

Available Space – Understand the growth rate, mature size and shape of the tree you are planting. Most any tree can be pruned regularly to stay within a certain space. However, if you want to let the tree grow naturally to its mature size and shape, ensure it will not interfere with overhead lines, walkways, buildings and windows, etc. The roots also have to be considered.  Large-growing trees should not be planted closer than 15 feet from a home’s foundation. In addition to cracking foundations, roots can eventually lift driveways, walkways and steps.

Sunlight & Shade – Determine the number of hours of direct sun the planting site receives in summer, since different tree species require differing amounts of sunlight.

Soil & Ground Conditions – Factors to consider here are the type of soil (sandy or clay or in between), and drainage properties of the area.

The Planting Process


Tree Selection – We hand-select each tree we plant.  We look at canopy health, structure, and also root health.  Trees that have been sitting in a container at a nursery for a long time can be problematic, but this is likely what you will get if you are willing to take whatever specimens they bring to your home.


Planting – One mistake we see over and over again is trees planted too deeply. This will cause a new tree to be sickly and grow very slowly, until perhaps it dies after a few years when your guarantee has typically expired. The planting hole must be dug to the right dimensions to support the weight of the plant and allow space for root growth.  In addition, we add soil amendments to ensure good soild structure and nutrient intake.


Establishment & Growth – We will help you establish the right technique and amount of watering to help your tree get off to the best start.  Applying the right amount and type of mulch helps the soil hold moisture and insulates the root ball against extreme temperatures.  Finally, we will conduct an initial Health & Maintenance Pruning to ensure healthy, proportional growth.

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