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The Not-So-Silent Killer

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Chainsaws are an incredibly useful tool, but they can also be incredibly dangerous. As certified arborists, working with, and around these tools safely is engraved into our brains.

However, based on personal experience and stories from other arborists, it seems there are plenty of average pedestrians and homeowners that aren’t as familiar, which is understandable.

To help, here are a few basic safety tips. 1) If anyone is using a chainsaw, stay AT LEAST 10 feet away from them at all times. 2) If you are coming into an area where you can hear a chainsaw being used, be sure to stop and look for what and where it is being used. 3) If someone is using a chainsaw in a tree, be sure not to be underneath them or anywhere close, we have a saying in the industry, “never trust a climber or the tree”.

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