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Tree roots need Oxygen!  This is a little known fact, but it is essential for their health. Most of the absorbing tree roots live in the top 2 inches of soil where they can access the oxygen.

Urban and suburban soils typically do not have the natural leaf & debris “mulch” that trees would have in a more natural setting. This natural mulch creates a home for beetles, worms and grubs that “till” the soil and keep it oxygenated and nutrient rich. Without these elements, soils will become dry, barren and compacted over time.

This is a harsh environment for tree roots because the pore space for oxygen, and water absorption, is reduced. Roots can struggle or die, leading to dead limbs or whole sections in the tree canopy.

We use a proprietary method of Aeration & Deep Root Feeding in order to reintroduce this pore space and feed roots directly. This gives roots the oxygen and nutrients they need, and in addition enables the ground to absorb and hold water more effectively.

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