Tree Preservation Plans are often required when building a new home, and their requirements vary among different municipalities.


Our number one goal in this process is to save you time and money in permitting and construction. Because each construction site is unique, each requires a unique approach to tree preservation and permitting considerations.


Nova Arborist has completed hundreds of approved Tree Preservation Plans in many different municipalities.

Savings.  There are often tradeoffs to consider when choosing whether to keep a certain tree versus having to replant others to replace it.  First consider that buyers and tenants are often willing to pay up to 15% more for properties that have mature trees.

A good Tree Preservation Plan will save you money by:

  • Saving time in your permit review process by not requiring modifications & re-submittals.

  • Recommending removal of only those trees that are in poor condition or cannot survive construction, based on your preference for your property.  This approach saves you both the cost of removal and the cost of purchasing & planting new trees to meet the canopy coverage requirements.

  • Minimizing the tree protection measures necessary, and collaborating with the home/property owner on tree selection.  We can help select tree varieties for re-planting which maximize your canopy credit (requiring fewer trees).

  • Placing new trees appropriately so that they grow & remain healthy, do not obstruct utilities, and do not cause damage to the home or its foundation.

Rewards.  A good Tree Preservation Plan provides benefits for both the homeowner and developer.

Healthy, mature trees enhance the property value of your home and community by providing:

  • Landscape beauty & curb appeal.

  • Shade and better air quality.

  • Reduced utility costs.

  • Habitats for various wildlife.

  • Sickly, stressed trees reduce property value, detract from a community, and discourage potential buyers.

Effective tree protection also helps to build a construction professional’s reputation and encourages future business, by:

  • Solidifying your professional reputation as a responsible contractor.

  • Encouraging future business as your professional reputation builds.

  • Increasing the value of your property – research has shown that buyers and tenants are willing to pay up to 15% more for properties that have mature trees.

Our Tree Preservation Plans include these key features:

  • Existing trees and forested areas on the site

  • Critical Root Zone delineation

  • Limits of grading/ground disturbance

  • New development on the site (i.e. buildings, paving, changes to existing grades)

  • Tree protection fencing

  • Tree protection signs

  • Root pruning areas

  • New trees to be planted after construction

  • Detailed planting schedule showing species, number, size, canopy coverage credit

  • Tree Inventory showing species, size, condition, description & recommendations

  • Canopy coverage calculations

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